We've updated your claim form

We've updated your claim form.

The concept is the same however there are a few changes you will notice.

First of all, we've tried to make it easier for you.   Less keying for you.   

It starts by entering your MSP number.   When you do, your name, email, phone, GST number etc. are pulled in for you.   Instead of keying that all in each time, it's done just by keying your MSP number.

Then instead of trying to figure out common meetings... how they need to be coded, we've created simple language pre-sets.

Eg. Select the preset for Covid TownHall... and we will fill in the meeting type, the fund to be charged, and even the comment line for you.    Same with the lunch and learns, and many other meetings.   


Yes, the layout is a bit different, but we think you will find the simplicity and reduced keying appealing.     We hope you do as many hours have gone into trying to make this easier for you to submit claims.

If you don't find a pre-sent that works for your current claim, you can always select the preset "OTHER" which will leave the fields blank for you to manually select.    If you have any meetings that you think should be added to the pre-set list, please let us know.

Please note this is for sessional claims for :  lunch and learns, advisory meetings, committee meetings, lead payments/hours, member events, etc.    It is NOT for the attachment and maternity clinics, nor is it for the RCP/Trim/NDOC shifts.

As we make this transition, I will leave the old form available here in case there are any implementation issues.

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