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Timesheets can rob you and your employees of valuable time

  • employees who have trouble completing the information

  • timesheets added up incorrectly

  • timesheets that are are not submitted for payroll

  • getting timesheets approved

  • communicating with employees 

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Online timesheets  help

 Young Woman Contemplating

Online time sheets can help,  there is no question about that. 

And we have tried a multitude of different timesheets apps.

Some are complex to use, the user interface is lacking.

Some don't allow users to enter just their hours (eg. 7.5 hours on Monday)

Some don't allow advanced entry of information that you just sometimes need

Some don't track PTO

Some don't allow messaging

Some don't remind users for their time

and.. so much more

We have found what we consider to be the gold standard....

BuddyPunch Logo.jpg
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

To make things so much smoother and easier for all,

we wholeheartly recommend BuddyPunch

BuddyPunch has so many benefits to help everyone:

  • Employees can enter in their hours, or they can clock-in & clock-out (you can control which options they can use)

  • Employees can be assigned to a manager and you can have different managers

  • Managers can approve time sheets before they come to the bookkeeper, set up  a workflow

  • PTO and Sick time rules can be set up and tracked automatically

  • You can set up automated reminders "Timesheets due tomorrow, don't forget"

  • You can use job codes and locations

  • Integrations with QBO, ADP, Gusto, and more

  • You can even message all employees, or select employees, and push the message to their phone app &/or their email

  • And so much more... really you will be impressed

  • Oh wait... and don't' forget scheduling.  You can set up a schedule in BuddyPunch that then works with the timesheets, comparing scheduled and actual hours!

BuddyPunch Dashboard.jpg
Beautifully simple Dashbard

Know where things are at 
BuddyPunch Logo.jpg
Control the
time entry 
BuddyPunch Logo.jpg
BuddyPunch TimeEntry Options.jpg
BuddyPunch Reminders.jpg
Stop Chasing

Set up automatic
reminders for
employees and
for managers
BuddyPunch Settings.jpg
BuddyPunch SendMessages.jpg
Quickly communicate to all employees and managers
Options and controls galore
BuddyPunch Logo.jpg
BuddyPunch Logo.jpg
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